How Facebook seduces other companies

Mark Zuckerberg has perfected the art of selecting and attracting firms which arouse curiosity ; the process of acquiring a company involves inviting executives to dinner at his house.

NEW YORK - Mark Zuckerberg is an effective way to woo companies that want to purchase.
The founder of the social network, which has embarked on a multimillion-dollar shopping spree , moves fast when you are interested . Its distinctive maneuver : dinner with Zuckerberg , followed by a weekend ambush , accomplished attorneys that help seal the deal .
The recent acquisition of $ 2,000 million paid by Oculus , a company that makes virtual reality helmets , was a surprise to many. Once the gear was launched , took a total of three and a half days to close the deal .
The parties had already held talks before, but until then had not formalized anything.
Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe , reminds Zuckerberg saying "I've heard that have made ??great progress . Why not come and talk to me ? I will not waste time. "
Soon after, the founders of Oculus presented Dining at Mark Zuckerberg. Several executives were present: Zuckerberg , vice president of product Chris Cox, director of corporate development Amin Zoufonoun , who has been the right hand of Zuckerberg in many of the latest high-profile acquisitions and Cory Ondrejka , vice president of mobile engineering at Facebook and founder of SecondLife virtual game.
"We had a great dinner and at the end , Mark said, ' I think we should do this ,'" recalls Iribe . " We shook hands and we said , 'Yeah, let's do it right now and on Sunday everything should be ready .'"
And camped at Facebook headquarters with their respective legal teams .
"I never would have thought that a deal of this size could be done so quickly, but when you hear that Facebook likes to move fast, that's their motto , move fast," he said.
A few days later , with little sleep , all papers were signed.
This process is not unlike other multimillion featuring Facebook . Visit the house of Zuckerberg seems to be a prerequisite for high-profile acquisitions . According to sources, both the founders of Instagram as deWhatsAppfueron invited to your home before signing the documents.
But Oculus is a mobile application . It is the first move by Facebook in-game hardware. And the company is betting that ' vision ' will be a significant platform as the technology expands beyond the smartphone.
Iribe recalls a conversation with the virtual reality pioneer Michael Abrash , who predicted that the display of virtual reality was not just the next platform, but the last platform .
Abrash put it in perspective, Iribea CNNMoney said. According to the pioneer of virtual reality: once sustituyescompletamente vision of someone with synthetic virtual vision can look around this totally new and impossible world . You can recreate any means .
"It's kind of Holy Grail ," he said Abrash Iribe . Iribe agreed.

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